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wow I’ve been so inactive and I’m sorry

If you haven’t noticed, this community has been kinda dead and it’s to be expected, I’ve been part of it for over 3 years and see so many people quit and it’s just not as fun anymore?? Or it’s just me and the fact that I’m too lazy to interact w/ other people so if anyone knows any cool blogs feel free to tell me

SO finally life updates, it’s almost finals week so yeah low-key really stressed. It’s almost over so hopefully I’ll be more active and contribute more to the community

Also, I’ve made at least like 3 instagrams and abandoned them but I made another one for art and I really want to keep this one, I don’t really post my art on here anymore but feel free to go to my DA to check them.

Anyway, I plan mostly to post traditional art on my insta so please go follow @peachh.ie